Two meerkat pups have popped up at Newquay Zoo. The Cornish charity is home to 12 adult slender tailed meerkats. The pups have been keeping a low profile since they were born in early July. Mum and Dad have been caring for the babies, and will continue to feed them until they move on to more solid food. Keepers have spotted other members of the family helping out with the babysitting.

Curator John Meek commented: “Each day the keepers have been checking in on the little ones and they have grown so quickly! We have seen some of the siblings from a previous litter helping to protect and care for them. Meerkats travel around in groups and the pups have been well looked after.”

There is always one meerkat on duty (called a sentry) looking out for potential threats to the group; similarly with the pups, there is always a babysitter looking after them and checking for predators.

John Meek: “Although meerkats are quite common in zoos, these pups are a great addition to the mob and we look forward to watching them grow over the next few months.”

Meerkats dig burrows to protect themselves in an emergency, using them to hide from potential predators. Over the next few weeks the pups will begin to emerge from their burrows more frequently and will eventually start fending for themselves, still under the watchful eyes of Mum, Dad and the rest of the family. 


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