Earlier this year, building work finished on a brand new aviary at Newquay Zoo.

Known as the African Wetlands Aviary, this new exhibit provides a lovely home to a variety of beautiful birds, including golden bishops, superb starlings, blacksmith plovers and yellow-backed widow birds. Visitors have enjoyed seeing them chirruping and tweeting amongst the carefully chosen planting. This aviary completed this area of the Zoo, which has seen considerable development since the expansion of the African Savanna exhibit in 2008.

Now keepers and visitors to the Zoo are keeping their eyes peeled, as one of the species has started building nests, and has even managed to successfully hatch chicks.

Stewart Muir, Zoo Director said; ‘‘Golden bishops are a difficult species to encourage to breed, so we are thrilled that they have built several nests and now have chicks. It is a testament to the quality of the environment that the keepers have provided here at the Zoo that they feel safe, secure and have as natural as possible a lifestyle. Without these important factors, species don’t breed, so I am especially pleased with this news.’’

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