Brazilian Tapir arriving from Germany will interrupt England game for Zoo Keepers!

A new Brazilian Tapir travelling from Germany is due to arrive at Newquay Zoo right in the middle of the first England game of the World Cup. The keepers had planned to watch the game late Saturday night, but will now have to wait at the Zoo for three year old ‘Al Capone’ to arrive. Animal Collections Manager, John Meek said,

‘We were really looking forward to watching the first England game, we didn’t realise our game would be interrupted by a Brazilian from Germany! We have been told to expect our new arrival between 11pm and midnight – hopefully we can watch online in the staff room while we wait!’

The Brazilian (or South American) Tapir, Tapirus terrestris, is found across lowland regions from Argentina to Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela, feeding on buds, leaves and aquatic plants. Tapirus terrestris is classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss, illegal hunting and competition from livestock which has resulted in a 30% reduction in populations over the last three generations.


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