A young lioness has been found as a new companion for Newquay Zoo’s Samson following the death of his playmate Connie.

Connie died at the age of 18 on 27th July leaving Samson as the Zoo’s only lion. As lions are pride animals, finding another lioness to join 7-year-old Samson as quickly as possible has been a top priority for the Zoo.

Animal Collections Manager John Meek put out an urgent appeal to zoos and safari parks across the UK resulting in an offer of a lioness from Longleat Safari and Adventure Park in Wiltshire. She’s called Amahle which is Zulu for beautiful.

John travelled to Longleat on 4th August to collect her and drive her back to her new home.

Amahle is now spending some quiet time in the Lion House getting used to her new surroundings before the all-important first meeting with Samson.

John says: “Of course we can’t be sure they’re going to hit it off until they’re introduced. We’re all desperately hoping the new partnership will be a roaring success as lions aren’t designed to live on their own.”

“Our main purpose in bringing in a new lioness is to ensure Samson doesn’t have to live alone which doesn’t suit any lion. But we also hope she’ll prove to be a big hit with the visitors who support our vital wildlife conservation work.”

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