Staff at Newquay Zoo are thrilled that a baby narrow striped mongoose that they have been hand rearing is thriving.

Baby Kirindy (named after the Kirindy forest in Madagascar where the species live in the wild) was born 5 weeks ago at Newquay Zoo, but after a week spent with mum Newquay Zoo staff were worried the pair weren’t bonding sufficiently so made the decision to hand rear him.

John Meek, Animal Collection Manager said; ‘‘We are really pleased with the progress that Kirindy is making. It has been a great opportunity for us to observe this beautiful species more closely and learn more about them. ’’

Nicole Howarth, Keeper and carer of Kirindy added; ‘‘Like a human baby he had to be fed every three hours for the first few weeks. Now he can go longer between feeds which is good, and he is spending more and more time in the Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit with the other mongoose.’’

Nicole has spent time coaxing Kirindy to chase after his live food - to encourage him to act like any other mongoose would and not be reliant on being hand fed. It is hoped he will eventually be part of the successful European breeding programme that the Zoo contributes towards.

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