There’s been a rare and unusual birth at a top Cornish wildlife attraction.

Born on the 5th of February, Benito the baby white-throated capuchin monkey is settling in well in his new surroundings. Capuchin monkeys are native to Central America and in the wild numbers are dwindling.

At Newquay Zoo, new parents Irazu (mum) and Zaito (dad) are getting used to their roles. Senior Keeper David Rich commented: “Capuchins are naturally very clever and inquisitive creatures, so, Irazu and Zaito have taken to their role as parents really well and we are very happy with Benito’s progress.”

The name capuchin comes from the Capuchin friars, an offshoot of the Franciscan order, whose brown robes with large hoods resemble the colouring of this species.

At the moment Benito is riding around on his mother’s back. She will transport him for about 5 to 6 months before he is old enough to do his own exploring. His diet currently consists of just milk, however, he will eventually move on to solids after about 4 or 5 months. Baby capuchins are usually taken care of by their parents for the first couple of years, with dad collecting food and mum protecting them.

Newquay Zoo has had a great start to the year and has welcomed in Spring with an array of babies such as nyala antelope, Philippine spotted deer and Visayan warty pigs.

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