Staff at Newquay Zoo are celebrating after the first birth of 2013 produced not one, not two, but five babies!

The quintuplets are the latest arrivals to the flourishing Oriental short-clawed otter family at the Newquay Zoo.

John Meek, Animal Collection Manager said; ‘‘These otters are so sweet, social and fun to watch. The babies were born in the last two weeks, but are still curled up in the nest with their mum. We do know that we have two boy cubs and three girls, and visitors to the Zoo are excitedly waiting for them to venture out of their nest box to play alongside their parents in the river.’’

Oriental short-clawed otters are one of the few species of otter that are social – forming close a relationship with their mate, who they stay with for life and co-parent with. Juvenile otters in the family group will help the alpha male and female raise young too, meaning that the otter family at Newquay Zoo are a joy to behold as they all play and bond together.

They are classed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, thanks to over fishing, habitat destruction and the pollution of their waterways. Therefore it is really important that good zoos like Newquay breed the species in captivity.  

Please note: Photo is of one of the cubs born in 2012 - will 2013's litter be as cute?

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