Staff at Newquay Zoo are thrilled as three gorgeous fishing cat kittens have been born.

Fishing cats are an endangered species of cat from Asia, who challenge the common understanding that all cats hate water – these cats have developed webbed feet and live a semi-aquatic lifestyle!

Newquay Zoo has been successfully participating in a breeding programme for the species since a breeding pair of fishing cats arrived in 2009, to join other species in the Philippine Species exhibit at the Zoo.

John Meek, Animal Collection Manager said; ‘‘It is brilliant that yet again we have managed to breed these beautiful cats. They are incredibly rare, as they suffer in their native South East Asia thanks to habitat destruction, pollution of waterways and hunting for skins. Although they do have some legal protection, it is very difficult to enforce and therefore illegal poaching still continues at an alarming rate. Alongside other good European zoos we have been working hard to increase the captive population so these cats have a future.’’

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