Chat to a Rat!
Put the date in your diaries, on the 28th May we will have the Rattlebox Theatre coming to the Zoo! Have a ‘Chat to the Rat’, and enjoy puppet shows with storytelling – great fun for all ages, and all included with your entrance ticket. 

"Chat To A Rat!"
One of Rattlebox Theatres' most popular creations! Loved by young and old alike.
"Fur, Feather, Tooth and Claw!"
A show crafted from animal stories from around the world. Find out how the black snake became poisonous, how ravens became black and how cats learned to purr. In this anthology of often funny and magical tales, the animals take centre stage! Suitable for ages 6-100
The Puppet Shows are beautifully crafted and skilfully operated, they create a little magic and a lot of laughter wherever they appear.

There will be more publicity nearer the time, plus Facebook posts and tweets so make sure you are following or liking us!


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