Staff at Newquay Zoo are rejoicing as a second nyala has been born.

2011 was the first year that Newquay Zoo managed to successfully breed this beautiful species of antelope, and staff were already thrilled when one baby arrived earlier this year.

Now a second baby has been born, and is already up and about on its feet to the delight of visitors.

Stewart Muir, Zoo Director said; ‘‘I am thrilled at the success we are having with this species at Newquay. This is the second female nyala born this year. It is really important that we breed this species in captivity, as they disappeared from much of their range due to habitat destruction through farming and over-grazing by cattle. The species has managed to bounce back thanks to effective protections, re-introduction to certain areas and the contribution of zoos like Newquay to organised breeding programmes.’’

‘‘Both babies can be seen with the rest of their family out on the African Savanna exhibit, one of the most popular exhibits at the Zoo. They join the family of black wildebeest, waterbuck and zebra in a mixed species herd, mimicking the migratory herds which crosses the African plains every year in search of grazing.’’

Nyala are a shy antelope species that dislike open space and so are usually found hiding amongst bushes and thicket. In the wild mother nyala will leave their newborn baby hidden away for the first few weeks, returning only to clean and nurse them. To learn more about them click here.

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