Earlier this month Newquay Zoo announced the birth of two baby squirrel monkeys.

Now the Zoo is pleased to announce the arrival of a third.

Primate keeper Nicole Howarth said; ‘‘We are thrilled the new baby has been born, as mummy monkey had been looking a bit big and uncomfortable for a little while. We have had three babies born this year and they are just so cute! The babies spend most of their time on their mums back, but it won’t be long before they are scampering around the branches of their enclosure themselves.’’

In February this year that the Zoo’s bachelor group of monkeys was moved to Paignton Zoo in Devon, making way for the current monkey family, which comprises of seven females and four males that were brought into Newquay from Apenheul Zoo in Holland.

Squirrel monkeys are native to tropical forests in South America and are still relatively common in the wild. Their native habitat is under threat, and like many animals whose homes are in forests, they are disappearing alongside the trees they live in. If their habitat continues to disappear at the current rate, it won’t be long before squirrel monkeys, alongside lots of other species become more at risk from extinction. That is why it is vital that good zoos worldwide like Newquay breed the species in managed collections.

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