A tiny new-born Squirrel monkey is proving a big hit with visitors to Newquay Zoo where it can be seen clinging to its mother like a miniature, furry backpack.

The baby monkey was born three weeks ago and joins our troop of Squirrel monkeys which originate from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.

Newquay Zoo Director Stewart Muir said: “The tiny infant is still clinging on to its mum’s back so we don’t yet know whether it’s male or female.”

“Both mum and baby are doing well and the other females in the group are helping to care for the new arrival, exactly as they would do in the wild.”

The baby monkey will continue to cling to its mother for several months until it’s fully weaned and ready to start exploring on its own.

The mum and her precious cargo can be seen leaping among the branches and foliage of the large enclosure which has been designed to mimic the natural rainforest habitat of Squirrel monkeys living in the wild – a habitat now threatened by illegal logging. Other threats include capture for the pet trade and medical research.

Fascinating fact: Squirrel monkeys will often rub urine on their hands and feet when out and about. This is thought to leave territorial scent trials.

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