It’s that time of year again – yes, Valentines Day is here. Recent surveys have shown that a trip to the Zoo is a great first date. Staff at Newquay Zoo disagree – the Zoo is a brilliant place for any date.

That is why the Zoo have organised some special trails, events and prizes for Valentines Day, to help celebrate this special time.

Lorraine Reid, Events Manager said; ‘‘Join us at Newquay Zoo for Valentine’s Weekend on 11th – 14th February. You can take a tour on the ‘Love your Zoo’ trail and work out – who do you love? One lucky couple will win an amazing adoption of their favourite and most cherished animal. We have lots of animals at the Zoo which are happiest in pairs, including beautiful black cheeked lovebirds, who mate for life, and our brand new tapir Emily who has settled in well with our resident male Renee just in time for Valentine’s Day.’’


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