Animals at Newquay Zoo have been getting in to the Halloween spirit by smashing pumpkins that were kindly donated by Newquay Fruit Sales. As part of its, ‘Shriek Week’ the charity zoo has been placing enrichment into the enclosures of its animals in the form of pumpkins ahead of Halloween next week.

First to be treated to the spookily carved pumpkins were the black crested macaques who enjoyed smashing them and pulling them apart to eat them. The next animals to get given pumpkins were the tapirs who approached them a little more cautiously but soon tucked in. The warty pigs who received the pumpkins whole then followed, they demolished the pumpkins in seconds.

Enrichment is hugely important to the keepers at Newquay Zoo; they aim to enrich their animals as much as possible. Enrichment is used to encourage animals to demonstrate their species’ typical behaviour and to allow them exercise, control or choice over their environment and to enhance their well-being. It can enhance brain development, function and also enhance learning and memory.

Many of the enrichment materials that the zoo uses are everyday items such as tubes, newspapers, magazines and pumpkins. Halloween enrichment will continue for the rest of the half term week with different animals receiving carved pumpkins throughout the week.

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