Visitors to Newquay Zoo’s popular Village Farm exhibit will be thrilled to learn that there are two new residents.

Breton sheep - otherwise known as Ouessant sheep - are the smallest sheep in the world, and two tiny lambs have been born.

John Meek, Animal Collection Manager said; ‘‘ The first lamb was born at 4.30pm on Wednesday 27th June, with the second lamb arriving 15 hours later. They were up and about on their wobbly legs just hours after being born, and are very sweet to watch following their mums around their stable.’’

The exceptionally small size of the Breton sheep is attributed to the poor grazing on the island of Ouessant where they originate from. This island is off the coast of Brittany, and these hardy little sheep have adapted to live outdoors in all but the most severe of weather conditions. At one point the breed almost disappeared, but were saved from extinction by a group of aristocrats, who allowed the sheep to graze on the land surrounding their chateaux.

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