Newquay Zoo has joined Sky Ocean Rescue to help raise awareness of waste plastic in the oceans. Sky Ocean Rescue is Sky’s new initiative to highlight the huge problem with single use plastics. The initiative came about after a whale died recently due to plastic pollution - scientists discovered the whale was unable to feed due to a large amount of plastic bags and straws in its stomach.

Shocked by the discovery, Sky launched a campaign to highlight the issue. Newquay Zoo, run by the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust who also run sister sites Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts, have implemented a similar initiative and have completely eradicated single use plastic bottles from all their catering outlets.

Sky Ocean Rescue have built a giant 10-metre sculpture of a whale out of waste plastic bottles, plastic bags and straws. It contains the same amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean every second. The giant whale is to highlight the effect plastic is having on marine animals, meanwhile encouraging people to recycle.

Likewise, Newquay Zoo is promoting alternatives to plastic bottles by selling drinks in recyclable boxes, glasses and cans. The Trust’s Group Catering Manager, Sarah Benthall comments: “Plastic is a huge problem area for us – food packaging, shopping bags, waste material of all sorts. We’re under no illusions about the scale of the task – we’re just starting with one manageable example of the issue - single-use plastic drinks bottles.” The whale will be visiting 10 different locations over 14 days to raise awareness.

To help with the mission, Newquay Zoo will be holding a beach clean on Porth beach on the 16th September and are encouraging local people to sign up to take part by visiting their website. There will also be educational games informing people of the dangers single use plastic can pose to wildlife and the environment.

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