Another baby has been born at Newquay Zoo, to the delight of staff and visitors alike.

John Meek, Animal Collections Manager said; ‘‘We are thrilled to announce that a crowned lemur has been born at Newquay Zoo. The baby, which we think is a boy, arrived on Thursday 24th May, much to the excitement of Zoo staff. This is only the second year we have successfully managed to breed the species, which is brilliant. In 2009 the pair of lemurs moved into the Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit, which has been a major factor in this breeding success. They have settled in well to the surroundings and they feel safe and secure enough to breed.’’

The lemurs live in the Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit with other species including narrow striped mongooses. This popular exhibit has an open fronted section, allowing visitors at the Zoo a unique opportunity to get closer to the different species of Madagascan birds including Vasa parrots and Madagascan lovebirds.

Nicole Howarth, Primate Keeper said; ‘‘As their name suggests they have a distinctive crown on their head. Female crowned lemurs have a grey body with an orange ring on their head. If this baby is indeed a boy like we think, then as he grows into maturity his coat will turn reddish brown with a black and orange crown.’’

The baby has not yet been named, however suggestions are always warmly welcomed by keepers. If you would like your name to be considered why not join the Zoo on Facebook and let us know your choice of name? You never know it might be chosen for the new baby lemur by the team of keepers!

Newquay Zoo is one of the largest not-for-profit charities in Cornwall. We receive no government backing, grants or financial aid and all money from visitors goes directly back into running the Zoo and supporting our conservation projects.

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