Newquay Zoo's ring-tailed lemurs eat 55th birthday themed treats

55-year-olds go free to celebrate Newquay Zoo’s birthday

Newquay Zoo turns 55 on Sunday 26 May, 2024. To celebrate this milestone, the zoo is offering free entry to anyone born in 1969 – the same year that the zoo opened.

The zoo began as a seasonal attraction in the 1950s, in the nearby Rose Garden area of Trenance Gardens. In 1969, the council decided to relocate the zoo to its current location and open the zoo as a permanent, year-round attraction.

The zoo has continued evolving in its 55 years. It was managed by the local council for many years, before being privately owned in the 1990s and then becoming part of conservation organisation Wild Planet Trust in 2003.

Newquay Zoo is home to hundreds of unusual and endangered animals, including Visayan warty pigs, big-headed turtles and beautiful Javan magpies, as well as firm favourites, such as ring-tailed lemurs and Humboldt penguins.

Anyone born in 1969 – the same year as Newquay Zoo – will be able to take advantage of this special birthday offer. Visitors will just need to bring in proof of identity that includes their year of birth, in the form of a driving licence or passport, on the day.

In addition, there will be a selection of delicious cakes, and even jelly and ice cream-flavoured ice cream, available to purchase on the day.

Dave Folland, Head of Newquay Zoo, said: We thought that as we are turning 55, that it would be nice to welcome anyone else who is also turning 55 this year to enjoy a day at the zoo on our birthday.

“Newquay Zoo has been delighting and educating people about animals from across the world for 55 years, and we can’t wait to see what the next 55 years will bring.”

This special offer is valid for Sunday 26 May, 2024. Those eligible will not need to book a ticket in advance, but other visitors are recommended to book online to get the best prices: