An ‘Easter miracle’ for Newquay Zoo as another ‘wonder’ snake is discovered

This morning, Monday 1 April, keepers at Newquay Zoo were delighted to reveal another new species of snake to the world.

After the discovery of a two-headed snake, exactly one year ago to the day, this latest three-headed snake has been dubbed an ‘even greater miracle’ by the scientific community.

three headed racer snake newquay zoo
This snake, already fully grown, hatched from its egg yesterday, on Easter Sunday.

Fralli Soop, a representative for the zoo, said:

“This is another very exciting discovery from Newquay Zoo. It’s incredible to study the ways it uses its three heads to its advantage, unlike last year’s discovery, which only has two heads.”

When asked how the two-headed snake, affectionally named Gordon by staff, was doing, Fralli simply commented: “Who cares? This new one has three heads.”

It is believed the snake, which has been given the scientific name Serpentinius medusus, is closely related to Oxycephalum aprilis asinus, but is genetically different enough to be its own distinct species. Both of these species are thought to be closely related to the red tailed racer snake, which hails from South East Asia. The heads of this newest snake function independently of each other, but work together to confuse and trap prey.

Two headed snake.jpeg
Gordon, the two-headed racer snake, was discovered exactly one year ago to the day.

Idi Otto, Head of Reptilian Psychology for Newquay Zoo, quoted:

“I already have so much work piling up, psychoanalysing Gordon’s two brains. Do you realise how much work I’m now going to have to do? This one has three brains. Three! Whatever next, a four-headed snake?”

The new snake has not yet been given a name.

Newquay Zoo is part of Wild Planet Trust, a conservation charity that aims to help halt species decline across the world. This new three-headed racer snake is just one of the many rare and endangered species at Newquay Zoo, which is also home to critically endangered Visayan warty pigs, Philippine spotted deer, and of course, Gordon the two-headed racer snake.