Monkey the size of a golf ball born at Newquay Zoo

A tiny Goeldi’s monkey, weighing as little as a golf ball, has been born at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall.

The new monkey was born to first-time parents Rina and Max last month, and the baby is now starting to investigate the world from the safety of its mother’s back.

Goeldi’s monkeys are small primates that can be found in the Amazon regions of Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. They live in trees, but spend most of their time in the lower parts of bamboo forests – among the undergrowth – and are the only species of primate known to eat mushrooms as a substantial part of their diet.

When Goeldi’s monkeys are born, they can weigh between 45 and 65 g (roughly the weight of a golf ball), and will only grow to around 23 cm tall. Despite their small size, Goeldi’s monkeys can jump around four metres from branch to branch, while their calls can be heard 100 m away.

Dave Rich, Newquay Zoo Head Keeper, said: “The baby is doing really well. Although it will cling on to its mother’s back for a little while more, it’s already becoming really inquisitive, especially when it comes to food!”

Unlike many small monkeys of a similar size, Goeldi’s monkeys usually only give birth to one baby at a time. As they are classified as Vulnerable in the wild, due to habitat destruction from logging, farming and development in the Amazon, this birth is a real celebration for the species.

In addition, to the arrival of the new baby Goeldi’s monkey, Newquay Zoo has also recently become home to a silvery marmoset, three pygmy marmosets and four golden lion tamarins.