Rarest piglets in the world born at Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo in Cornwall has welcomed the arrival of two Visayan warty piglets – possibly the rarest species of pig in the world.

Mother, May, gave birth to the piglets on Sunday April 16, and was proudly showing them off to the public after just a few days.

The birth of the piglets is a huge success for Newquay, especially as it comes less than a year after the arrival of older siblings, Kevin Bacon and Amy Swinehouse, who were named with the help of the public.

May and male pig, Randy, are part of a breeding programme to help increase the number of Visayan warty pigs worldwide. The species is classed as critically endangered and are thought to be as few as 200 of the animals left in the wild. They are now extinct in 98% of their former range and can only be found on two islands in the Philippines. This is down to a range of factors, including habitat destruction and hunting for sport.

Dave Rich, Keeper Team Leader at Newquay Zoo, said: “After our breeding success with two warty piglets last year, we are so pleased to welcome these new arrivals and to continue helping increase the Visayan warty pig population.

“Our warty pigs are full of character, and the new arrivals are no exception! They have already been exploring their enclosure under mum, May’s, watchful eye.”

Though the species are called ‘warty’ pigs, it is only the males that sport three pairs of warts on their faces to protect them while fighting. Males also grow impressive long manes during the mating season, which help to attract mates and also intimidate other males.