Please be aware that due to the current social distancing Government guidelines, and to avoid large groups of people gathering together, there will be no daily animal talks or public feeds until further notice.

  • Monkey Mayhem 11:00

    Monkey Mayhem

    Watch these cheeky and critically endangered Sulawesi crested black macaques tuck into their mid-morning snack.
  • Fishy Business 12:00

    Fishy Business

    Watch our Humboldt penguins dive into the water to p-p-pick up their fish.
  • Meet the Meerkats 12:30

    Meet the Meerkats

    Meet our mob of meerkats
  • Encounter Talk 14:00

    Encounter Talk

    Hear all about some interesting animals and learn some fun facts on our encounter lawn!
  • Roarsome Lions 14:30

    Roarsome Lions

    Watch them devour their lunch and learn about the dangers they face in the wild. ***Lions have two starve days each week to replicate their natural behaviour in the wild; these days are Friday and Sunday every week.
  • Keepers' Choice 15:15

    Keepers' Choice

    Our zoo keepers make their daily choice for this feed and/or talk. Listen out for an announcement just before 3.15pm.
  • Penguin Talk and Feed 15:50

    Penguin Talk and Feed

    Hear all about our famous penguins including pickle and see them enjoy an afternoon snack.
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