Head Keeper

If you could be any zoo animal what would you be?

Are you kidding me! What’s the grumpiest animal I know…umm wildebeest!

Why did you become a zookeeper?

Because I always wanted to work with animals.

What is your favourite animal within your section?

In general it's gibbons. But here at Newquay Zoo it's definitely Pat and Tucks - our capuchins.

Do you have any interesting pets?

Not really, I have a dog and two cats.

How did you become a zookeeper?

Lots of voluntary work and studying from a young age. I volunteered at a wildlife sanctuary and I worked for a gas company. Then I gave up my job at the gas company to volunteer in zoos and the wildlife sanctuary full time, and then I eventually got a job in a zoo.

What is the best thing about working at Newquay Zoo?

The team and the species that we’ve got here, as it's unique and unusual.

How long have you been a zookeeper for?

I’ve been working with animals for 24 years.

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