Booking an educational visit

We offer reduced admission rates for school visits which are pre-booked with us. For information on our engagement offering for school groups, please visit Primary and EYFS for primary school visits, or Secondary for secondary school visits.

Educational Visit Booking Form

    Visit Information
    School / Organisation name:

    When would you like to visit?

    In case we don’t have any availability on your preferred date, please let us know any other potential visit dates:


    What time do you plan to arrive?:
    What time do you plan to depart?:


    How many learners will be attending?:


    Please let us know what key stage(s) your learners are in, and how many learners are in each key stage:
    Under 3 (if none, put 0)
    EYFS (4-5 years old) (if none, put 0)
    KS1 (6-7 years old) (if none, put 0)
    KS2 (8-11 years old) (if none, put 0)
    KS3 (12-14 years old) (if none, put 0)
    KS4 (15-16 years old) (if none, put 0)
    Post-16 (17-18 years old) (if none, put 0)


    Number of adults (staff members) attending:
    Do any of your learners have EHCPs, and/or require a 1:1 support worker or carer? If so, please let us know how many:


    If you would like to book engagement for your visit, select either a free enclosure mini-session OR a chargeable workshop:

    Please note that, if you are booking a visit on a Friday, or on another day outside of usual term time, we have reduced capacity and will not be able to offer engagement such as workshops and mini-sessions.

    Mini-sessions and workshops are for a maximum of 32 learners; for larger groups, multiple mini-sessions and workshops will need to be booked.


    If you have selected the chargeable workshop option, please let us know which workshop you would like to book:

    If you have selected the free enclosure mini-session option, please let us know the topic you would like this to be about:


    Please let us know of any other details / requests:

    Provision of workshops and other services is subject to availability and additional charges may apply.


    School Details
    Booking contact email:
    School phone number:
    School address:
    Finance email address (for invoicing):
    Purchase order number (if required):


    Please let us know the name and contact number for the lead teacher who will be in attendance onsite for the visit. We will not use this information for anything other than contact (such as in an emergency involving your learners), pass it on to any third parties, or retain it for any longer than is necessary.
    Lead teacher name:
    Lead teacher contact mobile number:


    Once we have received your booking form, we will be in contact with you to confirm the arrangements for your booking. Submitting the form does not guarantee that your booking has been made.

    You can opt-out of receiving communications from us, or change your preferences, by contacting us at any time. We will never sell your personal information, and we will never share your data with third parties for marketing purposes. For further details of our Privacy Policy, please visit our website.