If you fundraise online through Virgin Money Giving, it's super easy to select Newquay Zoo as your chosen charity to donate to.


Host your own virtual quiz

Become the quizmaster amongst your friends and family and host your own virtual pub quiz or games night - you could even make it animal themed! 

Ask for a small donation to partake, choose a virtual platform to host and quiz away!


sponsored step challenge

Keep yourself active during this lockdown and set a daily step count goal i.e. aim to achieve 5,000 steps every day during the lockdown period.

Walking is a great way to keep you fit and healthy, and is also a COVID safe activity for you to participate in. Keeping yourself feeling good and also doing good for a charitable cause. 


Wild at home

Have you seen our collection of Wild at Home educational resources? They’re free, downloadable worksheets to inspire and educate children whilst they are learning from home. 

Perhaps you could use these resources to create competitions amongst friends. Who can design the best zoo sign for one of our animals? Or who can create a work of art using litter? There’s plenty of activities to choose from, keeping children educated and also helping to raise vital funds for the zoo!


Host a virtual 'coffee and cake' event

Get a group of your loved ones together to hold an online get-together event, with a small charge for people to join, to help fundraise for the zoo!

Coffee and cake is just one idea... you could also hold a wine and cheese evening, afternoon tea or anything of your choice.



If you're keen to raise some money for the zoo, why not put together some items to hold a hamper raffle? You could charge a small amount per raffle ticket to enter!


These are just a few ideas that we've put together, you may of course have your own way that you wish to fundraise for the zoo. Please let us know if you do raise money for us during this lockdown, so that we can support you and so that we are aware of your efforts.