Virtual Visits & Lessons

Our Education team are keen to inspire and reach as many pupils as possible, and are pleased to be able to offer virtual lessons from Newquay Zoo!

We can now accept bookings for virtual lessons from Newquay Zoo, over Microsoft Teams.

These include:
•    A 20 minute video call to your class from one of our animal enclosures in the morning, with a Q + A, and 
•    A 50 minute lesson from our Darwin classroom later in the day.
Lessons are interactive and encourage pupil participation and discussion.



Investigate the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans: where does the plastic come from, what damage does it cause, and what can we do about it? Pupils will see material collected in a recent beach clean, and invent stories to explain how it got into the sea.

Curriculum Links – KS2 Science: Living things and their habitats.

Lion 6 CT 1


Take a trip around the amazing continent of Africa to discover some of the habitats and unique creatures that live there – and can be found at the zoo.

Curriculum links – Living things and their habitats; Geography: Place knowledge

Thao Whipping Frog Rhacophorus feae Jan 2019 LR 22


Discover the rich and fascinating world of rainforests: What makes the rainforests of the world so important, how are the animals that live there so perfectly adapted, and which animals at Paignton Zoo come from the rainforest? Pupils will be encouraged to investigate a range of artefacts and think how the rainforest impacts on our daily lives.

Curriculum links – Living things and their habitats; Geography: Place knowledge

CG 22 may 1969 Lion Zoo advert 1


What happened to zoo animals, staff and visitors during WW2? Using original objects, photographs and years of research, we cover evacuation, rationing, Dig for Victory, fire-fighting and air raid precautions in the blitz. Discover the zoos’ unusual contribution to the secret war in Europe – carrier pigeons! 

Curriculum links – KS2 / KS3 History: WW2, Home Front, social history

Prices for virtual lessons:

•    Single class: £60
•    Two classes at the same time: £75

Please email n[email protected] or call 01803 697510 to discuss a lesson or make a booking. The best time to call is between 3 and 4pm each week day.