An nyala has been born at Newquay Zoo, to Mum Arya and Dad Arnold. This beautiful African antelope is another breeding success for the Cornish charity zoo.

John Meek, Newquay Zoo Curator of Animals, said: “We are thrilled that our successful breeding of this handsome antelope continues. Our newest addition is settling in well and has recently taken her first steps into the outside world now that she is steady on her feet.”

Found across southern Africa, nyala breed throughout the year, although most young are born in the spring or autumn. The gestation period is seven months, with one or two calves being born.

Males and females look quite different; the males have striking spiral horns, are slate grey to dark brown and have up to 14 white stripes across the back. Females are a bright chestnut colour with up to 18 distinct white stripes across their back.The main threats to this species are poaching and habitat loss as human settlements encroach into their territory. The males, with their elegant spiral horns, are prized as game animals.

Newquay Zoo is home to five nyala, who you can spot over in the African Savanna exhibit.

Adorable nyala born at Newquay Zoo!

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