2012 has been a bumper year for babies at Newquay Zoo.

So far staff have welcomed a baby ring-tailed lemur, roul roul partridge chicks, fishing cat kittens and Visayan warty piglets. And now the birth of a baby black wildebeest can be added to the list of this years breeding achievements.

John Meek, Animal Collection Manager said; ‘‘I am thrilled to announce the birth of a baby black wildebeest, especially because they are my favourite species in our entire Zoo collection. Wild herds of black wildebeest were almost extinct because of over-hunting, but thanks to measures put in place in South African game reserves they now enjoy some protection. Zoos worldwide have contributed to the captive population, and we are proud to be a part of that.’’

‘‘I think the baby is a girl, although we have yet to have this confirmed.’’

Visitors can see the magnificent black wildebeest roaming the popular African Savanna exhibit at the Zoo, where they are joined by zebra, nyala antelope and waterbuck – mimicking the large mixed species herds which migrate across the plains of South Africa.

Newquay Zoo is one of the largest not-for-profit charities in Cornwall – with all money made going directly back into the Zoo and its conservation projects. If you would like to support the projects you could adopt the baby black wildebeest, or any other animal at the Zoo, and contribute directly.

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