A Eurasian lynx kitten has been spotted at Newquay Zoo. Born 5 weeks ago to parents Boomer and Kicsi, the kitten has been sexed as a male.


Known as secretive creatures, in the wild Eurasian lynx prefer hiding in dense forests, generally sleeping in the day and at their most active at dusk and dawn. They can be difficult to spot even in their zoo enclosure.

Staff at Newquay Zoo are over the moon about the birth. John Meek, Curator of Animals said: “We are delighted to have bred a lynx here at the Zoo as part of a European breeding programme, the kitten is looking strong, healthy and is doing really well. We are excited as to what the future will hold for this little one.”

Eurasian lynx is the third largest predator in Europe and the largest of the four lynx species. Strict carnivores, adults consume around one or two kilograms of meat every day. They are skilled hunters, making use of their great hearing (using the tufts on their ears) and also their strong eyesight.

The lynx kitten is one of many recent births at the Zoo, following on from Humboldt penguins, meerkats and otters.

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