Newquay’s latest noisy neighbour

Two male coppery titi monkeys have arrived at Newquay Zoo.

Tsuak, aged 2, from La Vallee des Singes in France and Tucker, aged 2, from Blackpool Zoo have travelled to their new home in Cornwall. These small monkeys have joined the Geoffrey’s marmosets on the small island enclosure inside the tapir paddock.

Titi monkeys are New World monkeys, a term which describes monkeys from Central and South America. Standing at around 40cm tall, coppery titi monkeys have coarse fur, which varies in colour; their face is a copper colour whereas their backs appear a darker shade of brown with a lighter underside. 

The species likes to live near water and are known to be territorial, often using visual displays such as body swaying, tail lashing and bared teeth to protect their habitat. Titi monkeys are documented as quite a vocal species, often heard shouting in the early mornings to announce their presence. Titi monkeys have a very wide range of vocal calls and when together, can be seen to entwine their tails for comfort and to reinforce the bond between the animals.

These monkeys live on a diet of vegetables and fruit with some live insects, which are their main source of protein. In their native habitat they often search for food in the lower parts of the rainforest canopy. 

The coppery titi monkey has a Least Concern IUCN ranking, as the species appears to have minimal known threats due to their choice of remote habitat and tolerance of forest disturbance from humans, which makes the species more resilient to human contact. The main threat for titi monkeys are natural predators such as birds of prey. 

Senior Primate Keeper, Dave Rich, comments: ‘This charismatic species was brought to the zoo to join the Geoffrey’s marmosets on their island to provide a more dynamic and stimulating environment for both species. By housing a mixed exhibit, with the occasional visit from a tapir and capybara it is a very interactive South American exhibit. In addition to its conservation importance, the species has a fantastic colouration and are renowned for their range of vocalisations, adding further visual and auditory aspects to the park, the two boys seem to have hit it off from the start and are introducing themselves to their new neighbours.’

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