• There is better traceability and labelling of products now - look out for those with sustainable palm oil labels
  • The Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil has become a more credible body
  • The RSPO has a no-kill policy on plantations
  • Sustainable palm oil is the most environmentally friendly option. Alternative crops are worse for the environment. Palm oil can be environmentally friendly if it’s grown sustainably
  • Sustainable palm oil will help stop the destruction of existing rainforest, prime habitat for orang utans
  • The UK government set a target of moving to 100% sustainable palm oil by the end of 2015 - and has largely achieved this

The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil includes growers, traders, manufacturers, retailers and conservationists and promotes the production and use of sustainable palm oil.

Flagship species

We have selected a flagship species or habitat at each site to help highlight our message. 
At Newquay Zoo it is otters
At Paignton Zoo this is the Bornean orang utan
At Living Coasts it is the mangroves habitat

What happens now?

We will continue to put the issue of palm oil before the hundreds of thousands of visitors to our three zoos each year, explaining our position. 

How will we advocate for change?

We are communicating these messages to staff and volunteers through talks, memos and updates.
We aim to reach visitors through everything from web sites, visitor talks and videos played on TV screens in our restaurants and entrance halls to social media and interpretation signs in buildings and around the grounds.


Sustainable Palm Oil – Turn Over a New Leaf


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