Tropical House

The Tropical House is home to some of the world’s creepiest crawlies, slitheriest snakes and beautiful exotic birds. From the amazing open rainforest exhibit with free flying birds, to the fantastic and colourful poison dart frogs in the Amphibian Room, there is certainly plenty to see!

African Savanna

The African Savanna is home to a variety of species which mimics the large migratory herds that travel across the savannas of Africa. See wildebeest, nyala antelope and zebra to learn more about these beautiful animals.

Madagascan Walkthrough

Visit the Madagascan Walkthrough which is home to vasa parrots, Madagascan lovebirds and crowned lemurs.

Wildlife at Night

Step into the dark to see a loris and civets in our Wildlife at Night exhibit. These amazing species cleverly avoid predators that hunt by night and avoid the heat of the day.

Village Farm

The Village Farm is one of the most popular exhibits with lots of familiar faces that children especially love. Pygmy goats, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and ducks are the loveable characters to meet at the farm. The little ones will love this. They can walk amongst the goats and make sure you say 'hi' to Holly and Cracker!

Toad Hall

Toad Hall features an interesting array of amphibians, including oriental fire-bellied toads, fire salamanders and great crested newts - a species indigenous to Great Britain. This walkthrough exhibit highlights the plight of amphibians and how you can help us protect them for future generations.

Native Species

Newquay Zoo works alongside Cornwall Wildlife Trust to promote the amazing range of species native to Britain. The Native Species exhibit at the Zoo is home to sand lizards, Great Britain’s rarest and only egg laying lizard that is at risk from habitat destruction. The exhibit is also home to some very small and cute harvest mice which have formed part of the successful on-site programme here at the Zoo.

Gems of the Jungle

A brand new exhibit showcasing south east Asian songbirds. Walk in to this free flying bird exhibit and immerse yourself in the south east Asian jungle. Take a seat on the bench and watch these beautiful birds fly around you whilst learning about the plight of song birds in the wild and how threatened they are.

Get ready to explore, as there is so much more....

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